Convenient and easy to use

Electric curtain track systems need to fulfil increasingly demanding requirements. The new electric curtain track system Silent Gliss 5100 keeps its promise to deliver a functional and reliable solution which offers a great degree of convenience.

Through the consistent refinement of Silent Gliss 5100, the engineers have succeeded in developing a noticeably quieter system that envelops its comprehensive range of technical features within a strikingly elegant design.

Technically sophisticated, acoustically subdued

The requirements an electric track system need to fulfil are clear: this indispensable technology needs to work as smoothly and be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible.
The electric curtain track system Silent Gliss 5100 can control curtains with a length of up to 9 metres and weight up to 25 kilogrammes. The Touch & Go feature enables simple and intuitive operation, while the integrated Manual Override ensures the necessary safety and convenience in the event of a power failure.
The motor is discretely tucked away in a stylish metal housing. Silent Gliss 5100 could not be easier to install: the system can be fitted to the wall or suspended from the ceiling. It is also compatible with the superb Wave curtain system.
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