Sustainable Management

Silent Gliss as a family owned company continually focused on a sustainable growth of its business based on the balance between economical, ecological and social elements.

Sustainable Products

Our products contribute to sustainable buildings by effectively managing natural daylight, enhancing interior comfort, increasing occupant productivity and reducing energy consumption.

Sustainable Processes

Silent Gliss constantly work on the optimization of production processes and emphasizes on the prevention and reduction of waste. Whenever possible we recycle/reuse our materials.

Social Responsibility

For Silent Gliss it is self-evident that all the relevant current regulations are met or exceeded and that everyone involved in the production process is treated an compensated fairly.
New Pleated Blind Collection

Вы хотели бы работать с лучшими производителями в области визуальной защиты? Silent Gliss приглашает сотрудников из самых различных областей, начиная от персонала на заводе до руководителей отделов.

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